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>However, having said this, I think there is a reverse mapping for
>(some parts of?) java, and there is also one for COM in the
>COM<->CORBA interoperability specification.

There is indeed a Java -> IDL mapping, and that's where all the
valuetype ugliness in CORBA 2.3 comes from. It only really exists to
allow RMI over IIOP -- I don't imagine anyone is using it to
communicate from Java to some other language. COM is a different
proposition, since it already restricts the sorts of things which can
be transmitted.

Java -> IDL relies on the fact that Java is statically typed, so a
pre-compiler can figure out the mapping to IDL. For Python, you'd have
to do it at run-time, so it would be much less useful. Why not just
use pickle, and send the data as a CORBA sequence<octet>?



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