Problem with JPython!

ARG3000 snake-or-bear at
Fri Sep 1 16:52:48 CEST 2000

That's what i ended up doing...  creating a variable 'out' that i then get and return.
As far as what i'm up to.  We do some very configurable report generation 'on 
the fly'.  We use the org.jcon.text.BeanReportEngine extensively.  What i'm
trying to do is allow for some smarts in the configuration as well by creating a 
PythonReportTransform that will allow for loading values,  and then doing
some 'science' on them.
The 'out' solution,  albeit a little kludgy,  is good enough for us to see if this
is something we want to pursue.
Thanks again for your help.

In article <slrn8qsir6.i9k.scarblac-spamtrap at>,
scarblac-spamtrap at (Remco Gerlich) wrote:
> ARG3000 wrote in comp.lang.python:
>> 	Is there any easy way to get a string back from exec besides
>> 	redirecting 
>> stdout?
> You can set a variable in a block of code, for instance.
> exec "a = 'Some string'"
> What do you want to do exactly? I have a feeling you're not doing the
> most logical thing.

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