Python Concerns

Gene C gchiaramonte at
Sun Sep 24 23:06:23 CEST 2000

If your looking for python, you will now find 4 different versions depending
on where you get pointed to. If you go to beopen and click on the 1.6
release, you will goto pythonlabs and get a page for 1.6 beta with the
following message:
As a result of the recent transition of the Core Python development activity
from CNRI to BeOpen, a number of issues have arisen that CNRI and BeOpen are
in the process of working out. As soon as these are resolved, which we hope
will be very shortly, we plan to have the final version of Python 1.6
available for download. We apologize for this delay, but hopefully, it will
not last long and will ultimately put the future Python evolution on a more
solid foundation.

Then at you get links to 2.0 beta1 and 1.6 final. Then there is
the ActivePython version or the 1.5.2 version. And if you go for 1.6, you
will sadly find your modules no longer work, and most haven't been released
for it yet.

I wish things were a bit more organized for new users looking into using


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