How to integrate JPython with Java

Firestar theebh at
Wed Sep 27 11:34:20 CEST 2000

Hi, I am trying out JPython to evaluate whether it is suitable for
integration with my Java classes. I tried writing a simple script in
Python like this: (consider me a beginner in python)

/---Begin Python Code---/
from string import *

class testsplit:
    def printlist(self):
        stringtest = "This | is a | test| sf"
        newlist = split(stringtest, chr(28))
        for i in newlist:
            print i
/---End Python Code---/

I managed to 'compile' it into a java class with jpythonc, and no
problems occur (except a few 'non-fatal internal JIT' error). I thought
i could call the 'println' method from my other Java classes once it's
compiled into bytecode. However, looking at the .java file, i did not
see any 'printlist' method being defined there. Did i miss out
anything? How is this JPython suppose to be used? The documentation is
not good enough, i must say...


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