Debugging ActiveX Control Events in wxPython/PythonWin

Charles Medcoff cmedcoff at
Sun Sep 3 04:19:04 CEST 2000

> In my case, I've chosen Python/wxPython for a few of our recent
> applications

I'll take any advice you have on how I might sell this idea to project and
engineering managers.  Seriously.

> you have full source to
> everything to extend it yourself if you happen to run into a case that
> isn't yet supported by the third parties and/or just needs a fix for
> your environment.

I knew when I wrote my earlier post that this sort of feedback would be
coming.  I know that I should be more proactive instead of "whining".  I
deserve this and I apologize.  In many ways you are right.

The reason that this has all come about is because I am currently toying
with the idea using Python to write a scaled down version of an application
that was originally written by someone else in C++ for one of our customers
(and very poorly I might add) .  If I can deliver such an application, I am
hoping that this might give some credibility to the idea of using Python at
my workplace.

Unfortunately this is something that I am doing on my own time and it is a
non-trivial task, but I endeavor in order to promote better software
development languages, tools. etc. I need COM/ActiveX support in order to
integrate this application with other parts of a system.  Having to make
additions/bug fixes this task more difficult.  It will also make it even
more difficult sell the whole idea. I sorry if it sounds like I am I am
whining again, but in my situation I must be practical.  Like you said...

>True, that's not always practical

I guess that I am sort of hoping that someone will pick up support for Win32
specific extensions to Python if they see a demand for it.

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