newbie: Zope

Nick Trout nick at
Wed Sep 6 15:53:54 CEST 2000

> >> What about the Zope Guides?
> >>
> >> And of course there's the Zope Documentation Project's site:
> >>
> > I find them a little too low level and sparse. Yes they introduce you to
> > concepts but when you want to actually do something the best I have
found is
> > a Quick Reference. There is hardly anything on the Document Project
> The idea of the ZDP site is to help fill it. :) I believe there's also a
> that may be helpful.

You know, you are right. I will try.

> And the link again:
> >>

Read this paper and the ones linked and am getting a much better of Zope and
ZODB. Very good read for beginners. Did someone say Zope gives you "too much
rope"? Seems very flexible. :-)

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