Could an effective telnet be written?

John Leach bbosware at
Fri Sep 15 06:18:43 CEST 2000

Yes I've written a telnet client in Python using Tkinter
It's certainly possible.
It was my first Python project and it took quite a long time to write.
It is slightly slow, but that could be my inexperience. As desktop machines
get faster this problem will go away !  I haven't investigated wx but it may
look slightly better in wx and/or be faster.
John Leach

"pehr anderson" <pehr at> wrote in message
news:39BEFA44.E57FCC23 at
> Dear Prm,
> I think python would be a good tool for this job.
> If you are willing to implement all the logic of the
> emulated terminal, then you can certainly be satisfied
> with the Tkinter text widget.
> I was building a shell for morse-code users and was
> not willing to implement all the logic of a terminal.
> I tried Tkinter, and realized I'd have to put in all
> the terminal behaviors myself, but wanting strict xterm
> compatibility, I discovered the zvt widget in the Gnome
> libraries.  This widget is used in the standard gnome-terminal
> and met all of my needs without *any* additional terminal logic.
> If you can translate between 5250 and linux terminal escape codes,
> then you may also want the zvt widget. Otherwise you'll likely
> be happier with the "pure python" cross-platform solution using Tk.
> -pehr
> prm wrote:
> >
> > I'm new to Python/TK still.
> >
> > Could someone comment on the feasibility of writing a telnet-5250
> > emulator using '100% pure python' :) ?
> > For those lucky enough not to have experienced a proper 'green screen',
> > it is a screen-at-a-time + data-entry-type field
> > data+colours/underline/blink attributes + cursor positioning, screen
> > save/restore, etc.protocol.
> >
> > It is quite involved but performs well on midrange/mainframe situations
> > when a number of users transmit packets only when pressing an AID key
> > (special function key combination + F1-F24) or pressing Enter.
> >
> > I have had a dream of making my own version of the emulator so that I
> > can understand and play with it better.
> > Orginally I started development in Java but found there was not enough
> > leverage in the language over c.
> > There is an open sourced c version that I find hard to fathom that works
> > fairly robustly under Win and Gnome/Linux.
> >
> > If it is easy to create a panel in TK that can switch between displaying
> > different non-proportional fonts and switch between 80 columns and 132
> > at run time and offer decent support re. key responses function
> > key/character events and also loading the panel with text rapidly, I
> > would like to give it a go unless someone convinces me it's not a PKAH
> > (Python-kicks-ass-here) thing to do...
> >
> > Best regards
> > Peter Moore
> > MJS400

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