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>>   - Augmented assignment, e.g. x += 1
>I cannot resist saying that I still consider this an archane "C" -like
>feature which should be better solved with the replace or macro
>function of the editor. I always liked the clearness of the normal
>	x = x + 1

I think most of us do.  However, while Guido chose a simple example
here, that was not the motiviation for augmented assignment.  Here are
two examples that illustrate why augmented assignment was added:

long[complicated][expression] = long[complicated][Expression] + 1
20MBmutableVariable = 20MBmutableVariable + 1

In the first case, there's a subtle typo bug; in the second case,
there's a *huge* copy that has to be done.  Yes, macros can
theoretically handle the first case in powerful editors, and you can use
methods (e.g. 20MBmutableVariable.add(1)) in the second case, but Guido
made the decision that adding augmented assignment was the cleaner
solution in the long run.

Given the long debate over it and the fact that none of the leading
developer AFAIK have a serious quibble with it, I'd say it's best to
drop the issue.  ;-)
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