Can anyone spot my float error?

Grant Edwards ge at nowhere.none
Fri Sep 1 22:59:22 CEST 2000

In article <7h50rs87jol8jkgacngchljilo77vlushs at>, Alain TESIO wrote:

>>timer = 0.0
>>def testFunc():
>>    global timer
>>    timer = timer + 0.5
>>    if timer > 10.0:
>>        print "timer > 10"
>>If I repeatedly call testFunc in a loop, my print statement
>>never gets called.

>Very strange, it works fine for me, with 1.5.2 I tested with
>the windows binary, and linux redhat 5.2 compiled from the

Works fine for me using 1.6a2 under RH6.2.

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