Python in game development?

Matthew V. Jessick mjessick at
Sat Sep 2 06:26:51 CEST 2000

Kragen Sitaker wrote:

>  but I wouldn't advocate "try something; see if it's
> fixed; repeat" as a bug-fixing methodology.  I did that when I was a
> kid, and it made my programs awful.

Make sure you leave the test algorithms that didn't work
laying around (commented out) in the code to guide future generations.

Stuff like:
//   (*rps) = weirdUndocumentedHackvariable;
//   (*rps) = weirdUndocumentedHackvariable * 53.3f;
//   (*rps) = weirdUndocumentedHackvariable * timeStep;
//   (*rps) = weirdUndocumentedHackvariable * timeStep*12.0f;

and finally:

 (*rps) = weirdUndocumentedHackvariable * (9.55f);

This gives those future generations both an understanding of
how difficult your life was, and also total confidence in
your final solution

;););)  (this was satire, BTW. ;)

- Matt

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