Python 2.0b1 is released!

Neel Krishnaswami neelk at
Sun Sep 10 22:41:29 CEST 2000

Tim Peters <tim_one at> wrote:
> [Emile van Sebille]
> > Wishing-lawyers-had-to-write-laws-in-python-ly y'rs
> Bite your tongue!  All we need in 2.1 is to add adjudication
> comprehensions and augmented depositions and ...

Oddly enough, Simon Peyton-Jones (of the Haskell mafia) is one of the
authors of a paper on this very subject!

  Composing contracts: an adventure in financial engineering. Simon
  Peyton Jones, Jean-Marc Eber, Julian Seward. ICFP 2000.


    Financial and insurance contracts do not sound like promising
    territory for functional programming and formal semantics, but in
    fact we have discovered that insights from programming languages
    bear directly on the complex subject of describing and valuing a
    large class of contracts. We introduce a combinator library that
    allows us to describe such contracts precisely, and a compositional 
    denotational semantics that says what such contracts are worth. We
    sketch an implementation of our combinator library in Haskell. 
    Interestingly, lazy evaluation plays a crucial role.


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