If you're not sick of licensing yet ...

Grant Griffin g2 at seebelow.org
Sat Sep 23 11:40:34 CEST 2000

Tim Peters wrote:
> Doesn't mention Python, but here's a good article taking a broader view of
> the perils "free software" licensing faces:
> http://linuxworld.com/linuxworld/lw-2000-09/lw-09-expo00-licensing.html
> if-10-licenses-are-good-20-are-at-least-twice-as-buggy-ly y'rs  - tim

Very interesting.  Some of the extreme cases they considered made me
think that licenses like the GPL and MPL which have "forcing functions"
(as the article calls them)--wherein the user is obligated to _do_
certain things--are completely untenable.

Only licenses which require that the user "not do" certain things seem
viable in the long run.

e.g.-the-CWI-and-CNRI-licenses-ly y'rs,


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