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Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at
Tue Sep 19 13:43:19 CEST 2000

Erik Max Francis <max at> wrote:

> ... but, again, this is coming from someone who's primary exposure to
> programming (correct?) is Inform.  

My primary exposure to _object-oriented_ programming is Inform.
All the languages I've used more than Inform, or even nearly 
as much, are not really OO.  OTOH, I don't consider Perl to 
be OO, and some people do.  But the object features there are 
really a tack-on afterthought, and the language is not oriented
around them.  The other languages I've used much (QBasic, 
elisp) are even _less_ object oriented than Inform.  Unless
you count POV as a language, but that's different.

Before Inform, my only exposure to OOP was in C++, so
I formed the opinion that OOP is pointless and stupid.
Only after seeing objects put to good use in Inform
did I realise that it was the language that was broken
with C++, not the OO paradigm itself.  (Now I'm not
sure I'd even consider C++ to be object-oriented,
but in any case I gave it up almost immediately and
have only a very small unpleasant experience with it.)

- jonadab

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