smtplib authentication

Erno Kuusela erno-news at
Sun Sep 24 22:32:13 CEST 2000

>>>>> "Gijs" == Gijs Reulen <greulen at> writes:

    Gijs> Hi I studied the smtplib and found it does not support
    Gijs> authentication :-( Nor can I find any rfc on the subject ?!

looks like rfc 2554 might be what you want. it's dated
march 1999, and not part of smtp or esmtp - this might be
why it's not in smtplib (yet). smtp is rfc821 and esmtp is rfc1869.

    Gijs> rfc822 and others only seem to discuss the sending/recieving
    Gijs> of mails to smtp servers that do not need to be logged
    Gijs> in.

rfc822 actually just describes the format of email messages,
and doesn't care about how they get transported around the internet.

    Gijs> Can anyone please explain to me how to
    Gijs> authenticate a smtp connection from Python ? Or at least how
    Gijs> to do it in general (if a general solution exists) ?

rfc2554 looks pretty straightforward. happy hacking & don't
forget to send patches when you're finished ;)

ssl support might be useful also...

  -- erno

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