Reviewlet of XML Processing With Python by S.McGrath

Mike F Miller mikem at
Wed Sep 13 20:40:01 CEST 2000

Steven wrote:
> A new article has been posted, about Sean McGrath's XML Processing With
> Python.

Upon finding out about this book I was very interested since I'm currently
working with XML and Python on a new project. But one thing that is bugging
me about it is that the comments in the DTD examples that he has doesn't
parse through the included validating parser, xmlv

For a variety of reasons, I'm very interested in putting comments in DTDs
but I haven't found a good way to include them that xmlv likes. I'm starting
to wonder if xmlv is incorrectly flagging errors on comments in DTDs or 
if I just am doing something wrong.

Comments are taking on the form of

<!-- text -->
<!ELEMENT foo (#PCDATA) -- comment text -->

Any suggestions?

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