Is Python worth learning?

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Mon Sep 4 18:24:33 CEST 2000

you at somehost.somedomain (Crow and Servo), in
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> I am fairly new to Python.  I have been using VB, C++, and Java most of
> my  life.  I am debating whether it is worth learning Python over just
> sticking  with Java.  It seems Python does not have any real good DB
> support for MS SQL  server (at least not that I can find online and
> free).

there is the Python database API standard, which appears to have ODBC
drivers; that might work. me, i want a compliant driver for PostgreSQL...

> Is Python going to give Java a run for its money someday, or does Java
> have too  much of a lead?

python wasn't designed to do the sort of things java was designed to do,
and vice versa. they have some overlap, but they aren't direct competitors.

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