tkinter unicode bug (?) + fix

Tim Peters tim_one at
Wed Sep 20 02:00:11 CEST 2000

[Michael Pronath]
>  I linked tkinter together with Tcl & Tk 8.2.0 .
>  When using IDLE, the python interpreter segfaults as soon as I
>  enter a non-ASCII character, in _tkinter.c:267 when called from
>  _tkinter.c:1260.  It's that tkinter expects a string in AsString
>  where a unicode object is given.  This behavior was fixed after
>  changing line 1260
>   Tcl_SetResult(Tkapp_Interp(self), AsString(res, tmp), TCL_VOLATILE);
>  to
>   Tcl_SetObjResult(Tkapp_Interp(self), AsObj(res));

Michael, this sounds (to me, but I'm not a Tcl/Tk guy) similar to a bug
currently open at SourceForge:

If you agree it sounds similar, it would help if you entered what you know
about it there. y'rs  - tim

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