New Python development process (SourceForge considered Harmful?)

John W. Baxter jwbnews at
Wed Sep 27 20:56:21 CEST 2000

In article <8erA5.37729$dZ2.13446193 at>, "Tom" 
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> So, they already display banner ads, and they already use a delay before
> displaying page content (after the ad is displayed).  If I was wrong, and
> they were really dedicated to the productivity of their users, they 
> wouldn't
> use this 'after ad' delay.

And I suppose there is an "after-no-ad" delay for iCab users who have 
its ad filtering turned on.  (At the moment, I don't...athough I do 
"miss" those really silly ads which are Java applets (iCab displays them 
as coffee cups), since I keep Java off absent some really compelling 
reason to turn it on.)

   --John (who can ignore ads quite well, delay or not)

John W. Baxter   Port Ludlow, WA USA  jwbnews at

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