Question about large-file support

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Wed Sep 13 20:55:06 CEST 2000

Has there been an effort to support large-file functionality (where 
available)?  I've seen documentation that it is available on SUN, AIX, 
and HP, however when I try to build Python (1.5.2/1.6, or 2.0b) on a 
64-bit HP 11.00 V-class server (using HP's unbundled ansi-c compiler), 
the configure script believes this system does not support large-files.

FWIW, large-files are supported on either 32-bit or 64-bit platforms 
going back to HPUX 10.20, but it can get fairly convoluted...hp has a 
white-paper (and examples) in /usr/share/doc/lg* that describe their 
interface.   Not only does the C-code need to properly support the 
seek/open calls properly, but the file systems (hfs/vxfs) also contain 
a flag that indicates if large-files are supported in the file-system.

It seems that large-file support is highly platform dependant. 
My questions are then...
1)  Would it be possible to modify the file-object to identify whether 
large-files are supported, and actually usable?
2)  I see large-file usage becomming more prevalent...has there been 
any discussions of making this available in a uniform manner?  

Please respond to peter.rupp at, as I cannot get usenet here.

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