image folder for ZOPE?

Jason Cunliffe jasonic at
Sat Sep 9 04:42:03 CEST 2000

Just upload the image as an object of type = 'Image'
To do this 'Add'
Give it whatever Id [zope name you want]. could be 'animage.gif' or
'lovelylyday' no matter
Then call it ...
There are some other tricks about setting tag = to adjust poperties etc.
Th enice thing is everyhting below in the hierarchy can now access it.
If you store it in a Zope 'mysiteimages' folder the nyou have to make sure
path are corect


Phlip <pplumlee at> wrote in message
news:INfu5.217$GY5.120430 at
> Newsgroupies:
> If I served a Web page the old fashioned way, with Apache, I could put GIF
> files into its htdocs folder (sometimes called the html folder). To be
> cluttered, I'd build a subfolder called /images and put them there.
> In ZOPE, everything's an object. Where in this object soup do I just put a
> lowly GIF file to push it into a Web page?

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