Python 2.0b1 is released!

Evan Gibson egibson at
Thu Sep 7 07:55:35 CEST 2000

On Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 01:32:08AM -0400, Tim Peters wrote:
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> [Bernhard Reiter]
> > Please make sure that this is resolved soon and python will be GPL
> > compatible. Otherwise python will loose a lot of attraction for the
> > free software community.

Which is a shame really.

It's a pity that the intelligent open-minded people in the free software
community have been bitten by lawyers so often that they've become the 
very close-minded anal people they started out fighting.

The strict requirement some people have that everything be GPL compatible 
and open is just a different type of restriction.

I feel sorry for them really. It's much more pitiful when someone locks
_themselves_ in a cage and throws away the key.

> There is something *you* can do, though:  tell CNRI how important Python's
> GPL-compatibility is to you, and also tell the FSF!  They're the ones who
> have to reach agreement here.  Given CNRI's and the FSF's positions today,
> there is nothing can do on its own to make Python 2.0
> GPL-compatible according to the FSF's current view.  The only parties with
> the power to change that are CNRI and the FSF, so the best thing you can do
> to help is to tell them that you personally need to see them resolve this.
> If they don't, all Python users will suffer (even the ones who don't like
> the GPL -- they owe a debt to their GPL brethren whether they acknowledge it
> or not).

I acknowledge it. I just think they need to grow up and learn to act like
adults again.

> i'd-rather-be-programming-myself-ly y'rs  - tim

Amen to that.
Leave the lawyerin' to the lawyers... No point the rest of us losing our
souls as well.

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