2 essential essences for 2.2 - RFC

Jason Cunliffe jasonic at nomadicsltd.com
Tue Sep 26 09:11:33 CEST 2000

Ok if everyone keeps adding features nothing ever ships..

But there are 2 packages which I humbly suggest should be default in Python
distributions soon.

I would love to hear reasons pro or con their merits: as wonderful tools
everyone needs + good for Python.
I leave the strategic scheduling of this up to those who know best..

#1: http://home.germany.net/100-366919/Python/Modules/Modules.html

#2: http://starship.python.net/~lemburg/mxDateTime.html

Both appear to be very stable.
The first is little known, the second is often referred to.

While both stand fully on their own, they make a very interesting molecule
if connected. Why?

Because any data you want to store in dictionaries can benefit hugely from
access to the scope and full features of mxDateTime.
And any dictionaries which use timestamps for keys need the cool index,
slice, swap, pop, push, methods and more SEQDICT. For example any calendar

Try it and tell me what why this is / is not a great idea.

Time and sorting by time are universal needs. Without mxDateTime one has
dates which think the world began when Unix was born.. Try a historical
database and see how much sense that makes. Ditto the calendar application
where datetime-keyed data inserts, edits, and sorts are essential.

They are both intuitive and powerful, and would be good welcome mat for  new
Python users, if immediately available. Can you name any other languages
around which have such versatile, friendly elegant tools for doing this

- Jason
Jason CUNLIFFE = NOMADICS.(Interactive Art and Technology).Design Director

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