"Why is Mojo Nation written in Python?"

zooko at mad-scientist.com zooko at mad-scientist.com
Wed Sep 20 23:06:39 CEST 2000

Greetings, Noble Pythonistas!

Someone asked on mojonation-devel why we chose Python, and you can read
the response and the rest of the thread here:


Mojo Nation is an open source, distributed file sharing system with an
integrated micropayment system.  The micropayments are used to allocate
resources throughout the network (you pay someone in "Mojo" for the use
of their hard drive and bandwidth, and you get paid in Mojo when you
allow your hard drive and bandwidth to be used by the network), and in
the future artists and content providers will be able to receive
voluntary contributions from their fans through the micropayment system
(and yes, you _can_ buy groceries with Mojo, as Mojo will be
exchangeable for real currency once the system is out of beta testing

And it's written all in Python except for the performance intensive bits
which are standard libraries with Python wrappers around them.


I have a lot more to say about Python.  We have made a few useful
utilities that I would like to contribute back to the Python community,
for one thing.



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