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XMLV (and XMLN) concentrate on communicating to the
application, information about the logical structure of an
XML document. It purposely does not emit information
about comments. 

I personally do not use XML comments very much owing
to the fact that they are often not preserved by
XML APIs (e.g. SAX). When I need comments and
I need to preserve them through XML processing
tasks I tend to use a <comment> element.

Sean McGrath

On Wed, 13 Sep 2000 11:40:01 -0700, Mike F Miller
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>Steven wrote:
>> A new article has been posted, about Sean McGrath's XML Processing With
>> Python.
>Upon finding out about this book I was very interested since I'm currently
>working with XML and Python on a new project. But one thing that is bugging
>me about it is that the comments in the DTD examples that he has doesn't
>parse through the included validating parser, xmlv
>For a variety of reasons, I'm very interested in putting comments in DTDs
>but I haven't found a good way to include them that xmlv likes. I'm starting
>to wonder if xmlv is incorrectly flagging errors on comments in DTDs or 
>if I just am doing something wrong.
>Comments are taking on the form of
><!-- text -->
>  or
><!ELEMENT foo (#PCDATA) -- comment text -->
>Any suggestions?
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