Is Python worth learning?

Samuel Franklyn sfranklyn at
Mon Sep 4 11:34:40 CEST 2000

Of course since it is the only open source language
that can match Java. Java is not an open source
language :p

I use VB since VB3 however currently I am learning
Python and Zope (Python Killer App).

I see Java as a dead end since it is
not an open source language. If Java is open source
may be I am interested to learn it.

Python is very easy to learn and the source of the module
and the interpreter is available. So if some implementation
of the function in the module is not good you can hack it.

The Python feature that matter for me is its
1 Similarity to VB
2 Open Source
2 Comprehensive module
3 Powerful list processing capability
4 Object-oriented

VB is not open source language. But I got to pay my bill :)

"Crow and Servo" <you at somehost.somedomain> wrote in message
news:1YCs5.31979$K5.513760 at
> I am fairly new to Python.  I have been using VB, C++, and Java most of my
> life.  I am debating whether it is worth learning Python over just
> with Java.  It seems Python does not have any real good DB support for MS
> server (at least not that I can find online and free).
> Is Python going to give Java a run for its money someday, or does Java
have too
> much of a lead?
> Thanks.

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