Running python from cygwin with .py-extension --- import: not found

Calvelo Daniel dcalvelo at
Thu Sep 7 15:11:29 CEST 2000

Olav <OlavB at> wrote:
: When I call a python-script from Cygwin with just the file-name I get
: the followin error:


It seems that your script is not interpreted by Python. Those are not
Python errors.

: (Is this a Cygwin version problem?)

It might be related to your using a script on a network drive.

I tried to use a script with a '#!/usr/bin/env python' first line
and it works exactly as in UNIX, ie call it directly after a 'chmod +x'.

Try using a local filesystems file, then maybe try using a file given
by its UNIX-like path instead of its DOS-ish path.


-- Daniel Calvelo Aros
     calvelo at

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