Running python from cygwin with .py-extension --- import: not found

Calvelo Daniel dcalvelo at
Thu Sep 14 21:30:21 CEST 2000

Olav <OlavB at> managed to launch Python scripts using a variety of
methods but then he wrote:

: It also works, though both this and the "#"-method breaks when I try to run
: scripts on my D-drive.
: Cygwin will give Python a path starting with //D, which it can't find... (My
: current drve is then the
: C-drive, and Python.exe is also on the C-drive.

: Anybody got a way around that?

I'd try mounting the network as a local drive, or mounting it in cygwin
into the local filesystem. Or both.

it-is-a-network-drive-isn't-it?-ly y'rs


-- Daniel Calvelo Aros
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