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Dan Schmidt dfan at
Thu Sep 28 16:55:21 CEST 2000

Marco Seiriö <marco at> writes:

| I'm doing research (=surfing the web) in order to see
| what language I will use in an application (C++) we are
| building. Today we use Perl to some extent. Would you
| think there would be any benefit from using Python instead/also?
| My main concerns are speed and ease of use.

We are using Python here as an embedded language and it's working
wonderfully so far.  I don't know how it would compare to Perl for
speed, but it's very easy to use.

If you use Python, you undoubtedly want to either use

 - Swig <> if you want to generate an interface
   automatically between Python and your C++ classes, or

 - CXX <> if you want to do your interfaces
   by hand.

We're using CXX and it's very clean.  I recommend it highly for any
project combining Python and C++ (especially after looking at how the
interfacing is done in straight C!).

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