Thread Monitors?

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>"Quasimodo" <KILLzdramboSPAMMERS at> wrote...
>> I need to know more than just how many threads are running in total.
>> Stuff like how much memory each thread is holding
>Hmm???  There may be a fundamental misunderstanmding of what a thread is
>here... explain what you mean by this.

This is probably a Pythonism.  In Python, the standard threading model
is set up so that normally one inherits from a Thread class; therefore,
each instance of that class is a thread.  Checking to see how much
memory the class instance is consuming would be a natural request, but
like you, I'm not entirely sure how to make sense of it.

(Then again, you may be right that the original poster just plain
doesn't understand threads.  ;-)
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