raw_input weirdness -- shell's fault?

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Wed Sep 6 22:19:34 CEST 2000

In article <39b57fa6.5743698 at news.bright.net>,
  jonadab at bright.net (Jonadab the Unsightly One) wrote:
> I'm getting some weirdness when calling a python script that
> does raw_input.  It works okay from COMMAND.COM, but when I
> call it from eshell I get this...
> e:/a/python/jonadab/exp $ python args.py
> blah
> foo
> y
> (y/n) ? Yes or no, please!
> (y/n) ? Yes or no, please!
> (y/n) ? e:/a/python/jonadab/exp $
> That is, the prompts weren't printed until the script
> exited.  Is this normal?  It seems weird to me...  maybe
> this is an eshell idiosyncracy?  But this is the first I've
> noticed it...  I'm using eshell 2.3, BTW, in NTEmacs 20.7.1,
> and Python 1.5.2 (final) (which IIRC I downloaded from
> ActiveState, but I'm not certain I RC).
  This same problem was discussed on the NTemacs mailing list
 about a week ago.  Check the NTemacs FAQ for archive location.

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