how to make tkinter window unsizeable

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab at
Fri Sep 8 10:46:33 CEST 2000

matt at (Matthew Dixon Cowles) wrote:

> >there are a few other things there, but not many.  how do i keep the
> >user from resizing the window (minimizing i fine).

Philosophically speaking, if you keep the user from resizing 
the window, it should be a window that the user will not
NEED to resize.  This means...

 * It should not be larger than the screen resolution.  
   Accounting for things like taskbars (which some users
   don't like to set to AutoHide), that means no more
   than about 620x440 tops.  

 * It should not contain a text widget.  If the user is
   entering text, they'll want to resize it.

 * It should not contain more information than will
   fit, and it should not need scrollbars.  (These
   are equivalent.)  Note that this should be true
   even if the user has diddled the font size in
   the control panel to as much as 400%, because
   there are people who do that.  

 * It should not have a lot of empty space.  This
   should be true even if the user has left the
   font size in the control panel at 100%.  Combine
   this with the previous, and that means the window
   should not contain much text at all.  (If you
   can resize the window automatically based on the
   size of the contained text, okay, but make sure
   this doesn't break under adverse circumstances
   and leave some text invisible.)

 * It should not be a window that the user is likely
   to want to display side-by-side with another
   window (because if they do they'll probably want
   to resize it).

Putting all that together, we're pretty much looking
at one-liner dialogue boxes with a couple of buttons.
Anything else the user may need to resize.  Otherwise
you're going to annoy your users.

- jonadab

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