Debugging ActiveX Control Events in wxPython/PythonWin

rob europax at
Mon Sep 4 06:46:16 CEST 2000

I really appreciate the win32all package.  At work it makes me look like
some sort of computing genious :)  I take data from a lot of expensive
electronic equipment, pipe it in through the GPIB bus, and pop it onto
an Excel spreadsheet as the data is being taken.

Thanks,  Rob

Mark Hammond wrote:
> [Charles]
> > I'm not certain who is supporting win32com now that Mark is working
> on
> > the .NET thing.  Is ActiveState doing support?  If there is someone
> I
> > wonder if they are aware of this problem.
> I was only made aware of it a couple of weeks ago by Alex, as he says
> later in this thread.  I just havent got around to fixing it.  As also
> said at the end of the thread, win32all will still be released as per
> normal.
> Sadly, almost all other external win32com support has dried up.  Greg
> and Bill no longer take an active role, and no one else has stepped
> up.  So this leaves just me, along with all the other things that are
> "just me" at the moment :-(
> ActiveState have just got me working on some cool, fun stuff, that is
> all :-)  I will try and get this event problem sorted out before 2.0
> goes final.
> Mark.

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