[OT] python mailing list overhelpfullness

Matthew Banham matb at photond.com
Thu Sep 28 17:38:34 CEST 2000

Dear Python users,

Well I have to say, all of you are extremely efficient at replying to
problems. However, this can be a problem. I am still receiving emails with
the subject "OS Commands". ALL of these e-mails say the SAME thing (i.e.
that I should call os.system(.....) ) even though the discussion had since
moved on. Quite a few of these e-mails are going to my own personal address
as opposed to the python list (which is causing my mail sorter lots of
problems!) - although to be fair I have made that mistake myself.

This is not a flame but can users of the list please please please follow
discussions and respond if and only if they have something new to offer.
That way the world will be a little less noisy for us all :o)


Matthew Banham, MSci
Development Engineer & Technical Support Officer

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Iffley, Oxford               Email: matb at photond.com
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