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No Strezzz Cazzz PCP at
Sun Sep 10 17:41:12 CEST 2000

Hi guys/girls.

I'm working on lesson #5 of the Python tutorial on
This lesson is about executing scripts. Now I'm supposed to set the path,
this is what the author of the tutorial had to say about it:

"You will need to cause the directory containing the file named python.exe
to be listed in your system environment variable named path.

Do you know how to set the path? If you already know how to set the path, go
ahead and do it.  If you don't already know how, you may need to get some
help. I'm not going to try to tell you how to do it, because the procedure
varies from one operating system to the next, and if you don't do it
correctly, you may cause problems that are difficult to recover from.  (I
don't want to be responsible for that.)
Get help if you need it  So, if you need help in setting the path, get it,
but make sure that the person helping you knows what he is doing."

So where and how should I set the path? Please help me out. I'm using Win NT
4.0 Workstation.

Thank you so much, greetings from a wannabe scriptkiddie.

-Badazzz Cazzz
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to be a coincidence."

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