Python 2.0b1 is released!

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Wed Sep 6 16:34:08 CEST 2000

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>>It's partly the changes (and there are a number of them) and partly to
>>signify that Python is now BeOpen Python.
>With all the various Pythons I think it silly to become one of a herd;
>why couldn't it just be Python?

I was just having a little fun with the timbot there.  As it said
earlier, there is no requirement to call Python "BeOpen Python".
Nevertheless, the *move* of Python from CNRI to BeOpen is a critical
point in Python's development.  For the first time, there is a full-time
programming staff devoted to maintaining Python.  I think that's an
event worthy of marking with a major version number, even if there
aren't as many changes as would normally warrant that.  In addition, one
could claim that changing the version to 2.0 was simply overdue, with
all the changes in 1.5.x and 1.6.

Besides, this is *Python* we're talking about here.  Of *course* we're
going to be silly.
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