SIGCHLD signal handling

Calvelo Daniel dcalvelo at
Mon Sep 4 14:14:54 CEST 2000

Olaf Meyer <olaf.meyer at> wrote:
: I'm having some problems with the SIGCHLD signal on HP-UX 11.

: When I start a child process from a python program via fork and execvp
: the child process does not terminate when I sind a KILL signal to it.
: It turns into a zombie and only dies after the parent process
: (the python program) terminates.

: The problem is related to the signal handler (sysV signal style). I've
: had the same problems in perl but was able to resolve it by installing
: a POSIX style (aka recursive) signal handler for the SIGCHLD signal.
: Unfortuntely this does not work with python.

Have you tried to os.waitpid() for the child within the SIGCHLD handler?


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