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Charles Medcoff cmedcoff at sprynet.com
Sun Sep 24 22:34:47 CEST 2000


I'm fairly new to both but I trying to get started with web development
using Python.  A web server with CGI capabilities is what I'm shooting
for as a first step.  Unfortunately I'm working on Windows NT so
CGIHTTPServer doesn't help me any.  I'd appreciate any advice,
references to papers, books, URL’s, etc. that might help me get
started.  (I already have an order in for "Internet Programming with
Python" on Amazon. I know that it is out of print, but hopefully they
can find me a copy).

I've just read Richard Jones paper from the HOWTO's on Bobo and
Medusa.  I've downloaded Medusa but cannot seem to find Bobo.  Does
this still exist and if so how do I get it?

The link for bobo_handler.py is also not working.  Is this still

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.


Charles Medcoff
Senior Systems Engineer
Pyramid Solutions
1850 Research Drive, Suite 300
Troy, MI 48083

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