Anybody Wanna Fuck My Virgin Whiteboy Ass?

segels at segels at
Fri Sep 1 02:13:55 CEST 2000

Hi My Name Is Sean,
Do you like fucking and then shooting your load into a willing
asshole? If you do, I'm the guy for you!
I'm a BiWM, 36 (look younger... have vidcaps) , 5'11", 185#
with brown hair and goatee. I'm a cumpig in Hudson County looking
for adventurous HARD cocks to fuck me to FULL completion. I have
been looking and looking and get just a few responses! Let me
try for more! I even will swallow totally! Every drop of cum you
can get into my mouth or deep into my ass... but I do like a
facial, too!!
Save your thickest load for me! I want you to blast your thick
sperm into any of my my open hole! I want to film the action. 
Only your cock and semen will show, and I can promise this! If
you want, bring a friend. The more cum inside me, the better!
I am BEYOND FOR REAL and have vidcaps to prove it. Let me know
you are for real and over 21.If you are in the 201, 908, 732, 212
or 718 areas, feel free to contact me!!!!
D/D free, please. I am HIV-, you be, too. Otherwise, condoms for
anal are a MUST!!!!!
Straight, Bi, Gay all welcum! All ages and races! Uncut or cut!
Ram me!
Email me with your age and location and best dates.
Love & Kisses,
segels at

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