Python in game development?

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>> On 2000-04-22, I did a microbenchmark consisting of the stupid way to
>> compute Fibonacci numbers; the Python version was as follows:
>Quite interesting.
>It took me two minutes to optimize your Python code by more than a
>factor of 500 (Python 1.5.2 on a PentiumPro 200 running Linux 2.0.29,

I did say "the stupid way".  It takes time exponential in the value of
its argument.  The idea was just to run lots and lots of fundamental
operations with only a few lines of code.

>Now that optimization is obvious. My point is that Python favors
>optimization much more than some of the other languages you
>benchmarked (C the most obvious case, I don't know about Forth).

Of course you are correct.
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