Tuple Format?

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Sat Sep 2 17:34:59 CEST 2000

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"Gene C" <gchiaramonte at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Right, it was just a suggestion. I still think the list [] and dictionary 
> {}
> formats are quite elegant. I only wish the tuple could be implemented in 
> a
> similar manner. (Keeping the current format so tuples in the current 
> format
> is not broken.)
> What about using the pipe to define tuples?
> Empty Tuple ||
> 1 Element Tuple |'a'|
> 3 Element Tuple |'a', 'b', 'c'|
> That looks nice to me and now we have no special cases and I don't think
> this clashes with anything in the language.

With | .... | one has similar opportunities to confuse the compiler and 
get strange error messages as with ' or " by leaving one off, or having 
one too many.

It's really nicer to have character pairs to work with.


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