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>My question is this: Since I may have to educate a few people in my
>attempts to find the right ISP for me, what are the requirements for
>running Python on the server?  My plans do not include secure
>transactions or any enterprise applications, but relatively simple
>scripts I can use for personal home pages.

For Unix, you need about 2.5MB for the Python source tarball, about
13MB for the unpacked source, a C compiler and make with which to
compile it, a varying amount of space for the compiled code (around 8MB
on my Linux-x86 box), a varying amount of CPU time in which to compile
it (36 CPU seconds on my PIII-733), and a few minutes with a shell to
run tar xzvf py152.tgz; cd Python-1.5.2; ./configure && make && make

The stuff it installed for me when I told it to 'make install' was
about 13MB, by an interesting coincidence.  So, in the long term, you
need about 15.5MB.

All of the above is for 1.5.2; I'd expect 1.6 and 2.0 are a bit
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