Oracle and Python

Philip Rodgers prodgers at
Fri Sep 1 17:24:17 CEST 2000

I appreciate your help I changed back to 1.5.2 since I am trying to prove a point to my
manager but I will
get adventuresome at home.

Bill Scherer wrote:

> Aha!  This is what you get for using a beta release <wink>. Apparently
> Jim Fulton, who wrote DCoracle, was using the undocumented but
> functional feature of append that allowed multiple arguments in releases
> up to 1.5.2.  This has been removed in 1.6. (forgive me if I got the
> history/details wrong here)
> To fix, you have two choices.
>   1. Use Python 1.5.2
>   2. change line 173 in _describe to:
>         out.append((buf,dbsize,dbtype,ind,alen,arcode, f))
>      This is, of course, untested, and there may be other
>      places where the code will fail for the same reason.
>      I say try it, and see what happens.
>  - Bill Scherer

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