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>On 26 Sep 00, at 21:10, Kragen Sitaker wrote:
>> In article <39D0B743.A60 at hvision.nl>, Hans Nowak  <ivnowa at hvision.nl> wrote:
>> >Just curious, but why isn't there a SIG for making a large library of
>> >code? (Or is there and I am not aware of it?) I often see people ask if
>> >Python has something like CPAN... 
>> How about the Vaults of Parnassus?  http://www.vex.net/parnassus/
>That's just a bunch of links. :)  I don't have anything negative to say 
>about the Vaults, mind you, just that it is nothing like CPAN. I take it 
>there is no interest in such a project or SIG.

Quite the contrary; CPAN is one of the strongest arguments for using
Perl in most situations.

I would like to note that Python has lots of stuff in the standard
library you'd have to download from CPAN, which means you can find it
by looking in the index to the library manual under things like
'basename' and 'http'.  So the situation with Python is not as dire.
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