Qeury about copyright

Dave Harrison dlharris at mail.usyd.edu.au
Sun Aug 26 03:15:41 CEST 2001

To those who know the GPL inside out and Guido as well,

I am a student and when I am coding at University I have a limit placed on the amount that I can download during a single session from sites external to the uni.  Now because I like to code in python and I want to encourage its use in the comp sci dept as well I have been thinking about putting up a webiste based at the uni with the python doco and maybe a few essays by various people such as Guido and other people who use and have commented on python.

We currently have a Python message board, but to to make is easy for students to code in python at uni they need to have it available to them without eating up their download quota.

What restrictions are there placed on the availability of the doco and varied essays ? Can I put the doco online for people to use ?  Anything else I might want to know ?


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