[Q/newbie] Converting object names to strings and back?

Adam Twardoch list.adam at twardoch.com
Tue Aug 21 12:09:06 CEST 2001

"Alex Martelli" <aleax at aleax.it>
> Of course, it's horribly dangerous to evaluate just any expression
> unless you're *REALLY* sure about where it's coming from -- which
> is part of why it's quite unlikely that this is what you should
> really be doing.

Thank you. Eval was indeed what I was looking for. I did read some FAQs, and
two books but you know -- it's so much stuff that you easily get confused. I
do occasional programming, and each time it's got to be a different
programming language (Java, PHP, VB, JavaScript, Perl, and now Python).
Basic syntax of a language is easy, but it's really hard to keep track on
all the ready built-in functions etc. which usually make out the real power
of a language.

In this very case, the code will be from a trusted source. The project is
not intended for public access, but rather for some internal work. And even
if the code breaks occasionally, it doesn't matter. :)

> the 1.5.2 part,
> which means you're forced to use a release that's years
> old

Yes, but that's the version which is built into the application that I'm

Thank you so much!


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