win32com: get error 80004005 in attempt to use a pythom COM serve r

Mark Hammond MarkH at
Tue Aug 7 02:02:47 CEST 2001

LArbilla at wrote:
> I'm seriously stuck (2 days now) at my first attempt to use win32com to
> write a com server in python.
> I've search and read all I could find and I still don't see how to solve the
> problem:


> 		and it didn't make a difference
> 	- I also tried commenting out the line "_reg_class_spec", which
> has the only reference to "raecom" and it didn't make a difference

Try re-registering the class without this _reg_class_spec_ attribute - 
it should them work correctly.

Also, look for posts of mine on this newsgroup detailing how to debug 
PythonCOM servers - you should then be able to see all tracebacks 
generated by the PythonCOM framework.


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