Zope python paths

Gillou nospam at bigfoot.com
Tue Aug 7 16:27:51 CEST 2001


Have a look at this registry key (for me, it's in Win2K):


I think a python 2.1 engine for Windows will find the python path here at
Make some changes to this key (i.e, add any directory) and see what happends
in your Zope test.
If it changes in your Zope test too, perhaps you should provide a PYTHONPATH
in the script that starts Zope to override this.
Or make a small change in the Z2.py


"Robin Becker" <robin at jessikat.fsnet.co.uk> a écrit dans le message news:
0q4MdKA6m+b7Ewpm at jessikat.demon.co.uk...
> I have just installed Zope 2.4 and am trying to get some packages to run
> with it. These are failing fairly miserably with really strange errors
> such as can't find module asyncore.
> I suspect path confusion with my existing Python 2.1 setup.
> A simple check with an external method
> def pythonPath():
>         import sys
>         s='path=\n'
>         for p in sys.path:
>                 s += p + '\n'
>         return s
> give me that the path inside this method is
> path=
> C:\Python\WebSite\lib\python\ZopeZODB3
> C:\Python\WebSite\lib\python
> C:\Python\WebSite
> C:\Python\WebSite/lib/python
> C:\Python\WebSite/bin/lib
> C:\Python\WebSite/bin/lib/plat-win
> C:\Python\WebSite/bin/lib/win32
> C:\Python\WebSite/bin/lib/win32/lib
> C:\Python\WebSite
> C:\Python\WebSite
> c:\python\pythonwin                     !
> c:\python\win32                         !
> c:\python\win32\lib                     !
> c:\python                               !
> c:\python\website\bin\dlls
> c:\python\website\bin\lib
> c:\python\website\bin\lib\plat-win
> c:\python\website\bin\lib\lib-tk
> c:\python\website\bin
> the bits marked with ! are obviously causing some confusion as they
> relate to my existing installation. Is there an obvious way to inhibit
> this erroneous path pickup if I can determine where it comes from?
> I don't seem to have a PYTHONPATH environment variable set in the .cmd
> file that runs zope.
> --
> Robin Becker

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