Python 2.1 quick reference

Alex Martelli aleax at
Tue Aug 14 17:54:28 CEST 2001

"Simon Brunning" <SBrunning at> wrote in message
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> > From: Oleg Broytmann [SMTP:phd at]
> > On 8 Aug 2001, Simon Brunning wrote:
> > > A preliminary of a Python version quick reference is now available at
> > > <>.
> >
> >    The ZIP file is broken. Please recreate it and let us know.
> Fixed now. Also, text and PDF versions now available. I have also fixed 1
> (one) spelling mistake (thanks, Andrew), so if you have already got the
> HTML, I wouldn't bother getting it again.
> Anyone find any other problems?

Paging down the PDF file (with Acrobat Reader 4 working as a
plug-in to IE 5.5) at page 5 I get an error messagebox:
    "There was an error processing a page. Too few operands."
then on clicking OK to that, another:
    "An unrecognized token 285.8.Tw was found"
and page 5 appears totally white.  So there would seem to
be some problem with the PDF version.


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