Deposing Dictators

Neil Hodgson nhodgson at
Mon Aug 6 01:18:08 CEST 2001

Stephen Horne:

> I'd like to point out that the large number of 'viruses' I've been
> e-mailed over the last couple of weeks won't affect my viewpoint. I
> thought this was an innocent case of other people being infected at
> first, but it's rather strange that when I reply to these e-mails to
> warn people that their machines have been infected the addresses
> mysteriously don't exist and the messages consistently bounce.

    This is not restricted to you. Large numbers of people have been
receiving these probably due to the Sircam worm/virus. I've received some
and I'm for the division change.

   On the net, general vandalism is a much more likely cause of attack than
malice directed at an individual.

> Fortunately, I'm not stupid enough to run untrusted attachments (no,
> not *even* when they have two extensions to try to fool stupid people
> into thinking they are documents), and even if I was I always have
> up-to-date backups. And yes, I do understand a little Spanish, so
> could the person who sent that mail please reconsider who the 'pajero
> retrasado' is.

   That does look like Sircam which uses random English and Spanish


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