Case insensitivity

Neil Hodgson nhodgson at
Sun Aug 5 02:01:47 CEST 2001

Tim Rowe:

> But the sort of changes being
> /discussed/ (but mercifully mainly not implemented) would be more like the
> transition from BCPL to B to C, and would merit completely different
> names.

   Are you saying that some changes are reasonable while keeping the Python
name but others are not? The problem here is different views on the impact
and benefits of various changes. IMO, the change from deterministic
finalisation to indeterministic finalisation, which occurred first in Jython
and then when Python got garbage collection (was that in 2.0? the past is
all a blur now) was more significant than either case sensitivity or int on
int division.

   The world of software is changing quite rapidly with techniques that were
formerly resisted because of cost (such as garbage collection, machine
independent code, and verifiable execution environments) now accepted
because of improvements in implementation and in hardware speed. If Python
doesn't change then other languages which are new or which adapt will be
more attractive. I don't want to see Python frozen into irrelevance.


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